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name: lacey-nicole

age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

where are you reppin'? Ellensburg WA


List 10 bands
story of the year, thursday, deathcab for cutie, the postal service, dashboard confessional, Taking back sunday, The early november, Thrice, All american rejects, brand new.

List 9 movies
The butterfly effect, schindlers list, from the grave, hangmans curse, Evil Dead 2, evil dead, Rocky horror picture show, party monster, slc punk

List 8 foods
Pizza, Pasta, Ramen, Pickles, Fries, Burgers, Sandwiches, Candy 

List 7 books
Hangmans curse, speak, punchline, the house next door, the notebook, secret window, crash

homicidetape (me), sucicidebracelet, murder_doll, wanna_be_poser, deathbydecember, brighid
List 5 drinks
Cocacola, pepsi, hot coco, jones soda, mountain dew

List 4 songs
<center>until the day i die- soty,babyblue- the early nov.,lack of color- dcfc, passanger seat- dcfc.</center>


why did you pick this community?
Cuz, I made the community. :) Wee.

where did you find this community?
I made it. :P

what makes you laugh?
Some comedy shows, and Derek and michelle.

what makes you cry?
Derek, sad movies, my family, death, some music, and friends.

what do you think of classifications?
I don't think they're great, but whatever. I just don't like to be classified.

now please post at least 1 picture of yourself, face must be visible, max 5 pics
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